Bubble Safari

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A fun safari that is full of colored balls


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Bubble Safari is a game where you launch colored balls, along the lines of Puzzle Bobble. In this game, you control 'Bubble,' a monkey who has to use colored balls to rescue all of its friends, who have been kidnapped.

The game mechanics are simple and well-known: you control a cannon that launches colored balls, and the goal is to get rid of all of the balls in each level by joining together more than three balls of the same color. However, you will also have some special balls that give you a bit of an advantage in certain situations.

In Bubble Safari you will find more than four hundred different levels. Of course, the differences between the levels are almost imperceptible at times, as anyone who has played a game in this genre before surely knows. Nevertheless, there's enough content to keep you entertained for hours.

Bubble Safari is an entertaining casual puzzle game that comes from Zynga, one of the most important developers of casual video games.

Requires Android 2.1 or later.